Skimming the Deep Web

There’s a bunch of stuff you can’t get to with just a web browser, and that’s largely by design. Underneath the web you know is another called the deep web and it’s been around as long as the Internet.

ΔFosB: The Protein Behind Behavioral Addiction

Psychiatrists are trying to understand behavioral addiction, but it’s still on the frontier of science. There’s good news, though! Scientists suspect that a protein variant, ΔFosB, is responsible for nearly all forms of behavioral and drug addiction. Chromosome 19

How I Use the Internet Intentionally

Two to five hours. The exact amount varies wildly depending on which news source you ask, but the gist is the same: We spend a huge amount of time staring at our smartphones every day and that figure is probably increasing. That’s...

"hello, world."

I decided a few days ago to throw out my old website and create a new one. There wasn’t a lot of content on the old website, largely because I wound up starting a business and spending my creative energies creating content...